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About Glory coin

Clory coin is token, that represent project. A project created for opinion polls for both local and national issues. Even for worldwide question. – Project, that we believe will take its place in basic human needed sites, because through it peoplee can solve many problems of mankind. Through socially important surveys, you can find answers to all the questions that concern humanity. And not only find it, but also work with them. With asnwers we can solve any problem, that we have.

This project offers to get answers to the one you are interested in poll and see the real picture of support for politicians, issues of tolerance, peoples mood and other things, thanks to statistics, through a sociological survey.

The one who owns the information owns the world.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

And the best information is statistics.

Anonymous survey on the Internet is considered the most effective, because there is a great chance that the person will answer frankly. After all, when surveys are conducted on the street, it is unlikely that the person will actually answer sincerely.

Our goals

Our goals is to spread the site among users, convey the idea of the site to them and continue to improve our project. By buying our coin you support the project and in fact buy the company’s shares only in a way that is more accessible to everyone.

If you cant buy our coins for now, you can tell about our coin, but mostly about site to your friends and relative, and convince them to use the site.